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cliqtrix is a good app construction contested by Zoho where the learners can construct real-time apps on Zoho’s messaging platforms. If you haven’t used a bot so far, you’re maybe wondering and exciting what this software is all about. There are numerous selections available for this tool, including bots, widgets, extensions, and sales intelligence. Here’s a quick review. Let’s dive into SalesIQ. This stronger  chatbot software assimilates with Salesforce and other CRMs to mechanize tasks and rase conversions. Let’s also examine the countless useful widgets offered through Cliqtrix.

Build a Bot for the Cliqtrix Platform

Zoho has newly launched an online app competition called CliqTrix. The contest is open to students from across all the country. They are necessary to create real-time apps that worked on the messaging platform. Making such apps is an thrilling and stimulating task, and if you want to join, you can build the application yourself or work on a team. To participate, you must be a student from an IT or engineering background. In adding, you must be a software engineer. The platform has a dedicated section for bot developers, which offers detailed statistics.

All the students reaching from high school to college, are competing for a chance to build a bot for the Cliq platform. The winning app is the FAQ Bot, which permit the users to search for replies and exchanged information. It can also generate a workflow based on the material collected by the user. While designing the bot, remember that it’s significant to attention on the experience your users have when they use your app.

Knowledge About Using the Clixtrix Widgets

There are much more dissimilar ways to show knowledge using the Clixtrix widgets. The Calendar widget lets you to view a calendar, including days of the week, hours, and minutes. A Fast Calculator shows percentages, recent history, and more. The System Stats widget shows information about your pc, such as the number of processors and operating system versions. A counter widget can track time by one-second increments, and can also act as a timer.

How To Participate In Cliqtrix

To participate in CliqTrix, all students  can make a custom application on Cliq’s platform, using Zoho’s online scripting language Deluge. Cliq team participants offers on-campus and online teaching for the contestants. They also said that they well-educated a lot in the process. Cliq’s Widgets are an actual way to showcase the benefits and profits  of using its tools.

Zoho Corporation Is Good Software Development Company

Zoho Corporation is a good and best  software development company. Zoho Corporation efforts mostly on web-based information technologies and  business tools, with a set of office tools, an Internet of things management platform  and  IT management software.The company was started in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in California. Now, it has many workplaces in more than six countries .Its international HQs is in Chennai.

Custom Extensions Development  From Cliqtrix

Cliqtrix is a platform that consents you to develop custom extensions for your Zoho application. Despite its ease of use, the program does need specific basic development information. The main requirement is the skill to creat a Cliq extension that assimilates with your app. For this competition, you need possess a minimum skill level of C++. Earlier you get started with Cliq extensions development, make assured that you read the Terms and condition of Use for Developers and follow them.


The Cliq extension development team is committed to serving you develop custom extensions for Zoho. These applications must help you cooperate efficiently with your coworkers and keep way of all their work. There are two types of extensions: stand-alone ones and integrations. These  types are similarly important. Luckily, there are numerous options out there. Here are a few to check out. Let’s start by taking a look at two famous extensions for Cliq.

Categories Of The Contest:

Zoho Cliq:

  1. You must to make a productivity app on Zoho Cliq.
  2. Zoho Cliq is a proficient chat application used by numerous companies to connect and organize their work inside their company.
  3. A proficient chat tool is more proficient when it offers efficiency tools and adding through third-party requests. That’s what you’re going to work on.
  4. You can create a stand-alone application in Cliq and an integration connecting Cliq to third-party software.



  1. SalesIQ is live chat software that many companies use on their website / mobile apps to involve clients. It also contains types such as live chat, visitor tracking and smart triggers.
  2. A live chat works top once it has a bot that can reply guests’ questions and lead them through the website / mobile app. These robots can be modified from scratch as required. That’s what you’re going to work on!
  3. Your bot necessity transmits with the guest, assemble information and cause a workflow. The opportunities are unlimited. Past … the TrixBot you can discover in the cliqtrix wepage is a SalesIQ bot!




You should first understand what REST is before diving into implementing its concepts in your application. REST stands for “Representational State Transfer” and includes hypermedia links and hyperlinks that give instructions to clients. REST is not directly linked to any particular technology or protocol; it is simply an abstraction that introduces certain constraints and best practices for API design. These constraints and best practices describe how the server should process and respond to requests, and when done correctly, gain desirable properties.

Advantages of REST

The advantages of REST over RPC are numerous. First of all, REST allows for better abstraction between client and server. Second, RESTful connections do not depend on the state of the previous action. By contrast, RPC may be dependent on the output of a previous action. Thirdly, RESTful connections can be used for applications where multiple data formats are required. The advantages of REST outweigh their disadvantages.

Architecture of REST API

The REST API architecture is defined by a client that sends a HTTP request to a server, which then generates a response that contains the data stored on the resource. In addition, REST messages are self-descriptive. Essentially, a REST request is made up of four parts: the endpoint, the message body, and the response. A resource is anything that can be accessed or transformed, such as a file or database.

Alternative of REST API

The LaunchDarkly REST API is a programmatic alternative to the UI. It lets you perform any action that you can do in the LaunchDarkly UI using HTTP requests. A typical HTTP request will consist of a base URI, an HTTP method, and path parameters. Some requests also include query parameters or request bodies. If you are not familiar with request components, this guide will help you get started with the REST API.

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