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Arcane Bot | Best Leveling and Multi-Purpose

arcane bot

1. Why I created an open-sourced ArcaneBot?

In the dawn of 2016, I created my first open-source project: Arcane Bot for Overwatch named ArcaneBot. I was experiencing firsthand the lack of a reliable and feature-packed leveling bot for the game. I decided to do something about it. I began working on a bot that would automate the repetitive actions of leveling up Overwatch accounts.

 I had no experience in coding bots or coding anything for that matter, so I had to learn the basics. I began studying the most popular botting site at the time, OpenHFT. I grabbed their source code and began to study it. From there I borrowed code from other projects I found on GitHub to learn how to use them. 

I was building a leveling bot, so I focused on improving the speed and quality of my bot. I fell in love with coding and botting. Fast forward a year and I have now created the best leveling bot on the market.

2. How to run ArcaneBot?

ArcaneBot is an open-source, multi-purpose, and extremely easy-to-use Discord bot. It has a wide variety of features, such as XP and levels rewards, custom commands, custom prefixes, custom roles, auto roles, custom inventory, music commands, currency, etc.

3. What is the configuration file?

The configuration file is the place where the bot can store the keys. The keys are used to get access to the game accounts, guilds, API, websites, and so on. The configuration file is a simple text file and you can use any text editor to open it. 

It is a plain text file, so it will be readable to you, but not to the arcane bot. It is very important to keep your file as secret as possible because if someone gets access to your configuration file, he will be able to steal your keys, recover your passwords and steal your accounts.

4. What is the command line?

The command line is a text-based user interface that allows you to communicate with your computer and other devices, it controls everything from computer input-output to software installation to hardware control.   

The command line is the most powerful, versatile, and efficient instrument of control that’s been devised. There are various interfaces for the command line, such as Bash, C-shell, T-Shell, etc.    The command line is something you can use to connect to your server and is especially useful for users who are familiar with it. The following section will show you how to install and use the command line for your Arcane Bot.

5. When should I use what?

The best way to answer the question, “Should I use this bot or that arcane bot?” is to ask yourself the following question: “What do I want to do, and what kind of experience do I want from this game?” For example, if you want to level a character from 1 to 85, you want a leveling bot. The best leveling bots will be simplistic, efficient, and most importantly, fast. 


While you’re leveling, you’re going to want to use the best leveling addon for your needs, as well. If you’re looking for an all-in-one bot that does everything for you, you may want to look into an All-in-One package from Arcane

6. What is the difference between “reroll” and “restart”?

The word “reroll” is used in many different ways. In most cases, it is used to mean “restart” or “continue”. However, it is sometimes used to mean to “re-roll” a character, which means to start a new character and then re-roll it to get a better character. 


When you reroll, you are starting a new character and then restart the character by choosing a different class or race. In some cases, you may restart the entire game if it offers a way to reset the game, such as resetting the game if you die too many times. You can also find a “reroll” on some role-playing games, where players can restart the game with a new character.


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