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Arethereanydeals |  Play Puzzle Game for free

1. What is arethereanydeals Play?

AreThereAnyDeals is a puzzle game about the chemistry of molecules. The player can choose to play against the computer or against a friend. During the game, the player has to rearrange the atoms of a molecule to make a chemical reaction happen. 


This means that the goal is to get a molecule from A to B by moving it, rotating it, or swapping it with another atom. As the player moves the atoms around the screen, the molecules will glow in a color corresponding to the energy the atoms have, i.e. a red glow indicates that the molecule has high energy. If the molecule has low energy, a green glow will be seen.

2. How does it differ from other chemistry board games?

The main difference between the game Arethereanydeals to other chemistry board games is the fact that this game is based on the periodic table and not a “formula card” system. The game is played in the same format as a board game, 


when it comes to turning order, however, each player starts with a specific number of elements, depending on the number of players, and has to use those elements to form different chemical compounds. This means that the gameplay is a lot more strategic and challenging when compared to other chemistry board games. 

Additionally, the game Arethereanydeals is based on the principle of chemical reactions, meaning that the player that forms the biggest compound in a certain period of time wins.

3. How does it teach chemistry?

Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects in school, and if you don’t know how to learn it, it can be quite difficult. But not anymore! In this game, you’ll learn how to learn chemistry in a fun and easy way. We’ll teach you the basics of chemistry, like the periodic table, and how to balance equations. 

You’ll practice your chemistry skills by solving puzzles, and you’ll learn new words in the process. Chemistry can be quite difficult, but this game will help you learn faster than you think. If you’re interested in chemistry, this game is for you!

4. How does it make chemistry fun?

Have you ever tried to learn some science but found it boring? Well, this is not going to happen again, because I have the perfect chemistry puzzle game for you. The game is called Arethereanydeals and it is the best way to have fun while learning. 

The idea behind this game is simple: your goal is to create a chemical reaction by mixing different elements in the right order. Sounds easy? Well, it may be easy at first, but as you advance in the game, new elements will be added and new challenges will emerge. 

The game is designed for kids and also for adults who wish to have fun while learning something new. The game is available for free on the Google Play store and it can be played on both smartphones and tablets.

5. Difficulty level:

A level of difficulty is the degree of difficulty in achieving or completing a task or goal, or solving a problem. It can be measured in a variety of ways, including time, effort, and anxiety (or stress). Gameplay difficulty is a factor that affects game appeal.

 It is an element frequently mentioned by players when describing games they play. Some players prefer a challenge and others avoid games they perceive as difficult.


Conclusion: If you or your child want to learn a bit of chemistry and have fun, too, then you should check out arethereanydeals Play.


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