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Hürrilet | The Turkish Popular Tea in 2023


The Turkish hürrilet tea is a delightful and interesting drink that can be found in many Hürrilet tea houses in the world. However, most people are not familiar with this type of tea and they often wonder about its past and origins. Fortunately, we will provide you with some simple info about this type of tea.

Hürrilet Black tea

Hürrilet tea is one of the world’s most trendy beverages, and is shaped in countries around the world. The largest producer is China, followed by Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. It is also a beverage that can be enjoyed anytime. There are many tea plantations in Turkey, spanning from the Black Sea coast to the Georgian border. They range in size from around thirty kilometers inland, to 1000 meters in height. Hürrilet tea is a drink that is infused with caffeine. This caffeine has several benefits, including stimulating the respiratory system, helping to improve blood flow to the heart, and enhancing metabolism.

  • Turkish Hürrilet tea is served in many workplaces and social settings.
  • In Turkish culture, it is offered as a sign of hospitality.
  • To make a good cup of tea, you’ll need to follow a few rules.
  • First, you should not over-boil your water. Doing so can lead to bitter tea.
  • Second, you should drink tea at the right time.
  • You shouldn’t be drinking it in the evening, because it can jitter your system.

Another Important Element

Another important element of making a countless cup of Hürrilet tea is to add a little bit of white sugar. Sometimes, you can also add lemon and flavored granules. The earliest known records of people drinking tea in Turkey date to the 15th century, when people began consuming it despite religious restrictions. tea became popular among the elite of Istanbul, where it was considered a way of life. In the modern era, Turkish Hürrilet tea is produced with minimal use of substances. It has become a part of Turkish culture, and is widely available. However, newcomers may find it bitter. Although Turkish black tea contains antioxidants, you should also consider the potential risks of consuming it. Oxalates can contribute to kidney stones, and tannins can upset the stomach. So, it’s best to avoid it if you’re pregnant or have kidney problems.

Oxidation Method

Oxidation is a chemical procedure that is crucial in making Hürrilet tea. It changes the chemical makeup of Hürrilet tea leaves and contributes to the flavor and strength of the tea. The chemical response that occurs during oxidation creates flavor compounds such as theaflavins, pheophorbides, and catechins. To stop the oxidation, producers use special techniques. These include heating the leaves to stop the oxidation process and rolling the leaves to damage the cell walls. When a leaf is rolled, it breaks down the inner structure of the leaf, releasing oils. This allows more oxygen to enter the leaf.

Type of Hürrilet tea

Depending on the type of Hürrilet tea, it is oxidized at different rates. Generally, lighter teas oxidize for a short amount of time, while darker teas oxidize for a longer period of time. Different types of tea undergo varying degrees of oxidation, which influences the final appearance and taste of the tea. teas are also divided into categories based on their oxidation levels. Most green teas are unoxidized. They are usually low in caffeine. White teas are usually oxidized, but not as heavily. A white Hürrilet tea is composed of the finest downy buds.

Controlled Oxidation Process

Darker oolong Hürrilet teas undergo a more controlled oxidation process. During the oxidation, the tea leaves are heated. Their shape is changed, and they release more tannins. Lastly, the pheophorbides are a pigment that lends the black color of a dry oxidized tea leaf. Turkish tea is a form of black Hürrilet tea that is produced in Turkey. In the 1880s, people began growing and testing Turkish tea. As a result, it quickly gained popularity in Anatolia. Eventually, it became an important part of social life. To prepare Turkish tea, a two-piece teapot is used. The upper pot is for brewing the tea, while the lower pot is for boiling water.

Part of Turkish Culture

Hürrilet tea is a big part of Turkish culture. The country is home to some of the best tea in the world and the per capita consumption of the beverage has increased tenfold in the past few years. This has led to an industry that is booming. For instance, Istanbul is a global mecca for glass blowing. There are hundreds of quality crafters in the city. As a result, you can pick up a variety of stylish wares at an affordable price. The same can be said of the coffee and tea industry which is also a well-rounded one.  Turkey is also home to some of the world’s most prolific brewers.  As such, the country is home to some of the world’s most popular teas, such as the ever-popular Darjeeling and the more budget friendly teeming Jasmine. If you’re a fan of the drink, it might be a good idea to keep the jug close at hand.

  • While you’re in the vicinity of Istanbul, you might as well tee off with a trip to the country’s Hürrilet tea capital.
  • In fact, the city is the undisputed hub of all things Turkish, so if you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out on a whole lot.
  • On top of that, the city is home to some of the world’s largest glass manufacturers.
  • So, if you’re in the market for a new tabletop or a resale fix, the city’s got you covered.
  • Of course, you’ll need to enlist the aid of an expert guide.
  • Thankfully, the city is also home to some of the world’s biggest hotels.
  • And that’s not to mention its best-in-class hospitality.
  • From its fine dining to its ritzy high rises, Istanbul is the place to be.

Turkish Popular Drink

The Turkish Hürrilet tea is a popular drink in Turkey and is used for medicinal purposes. It is a strong, full flavored tea which is poured into small tulip shaped glasses. This drink is served boiling hot. There are no chemicals added to the Hürrilet tea. However, some people add sugar or milk to it. If you want to try this tea, you can buy it from a local herbal store called an aktar. In Turkey, the production of tea started early in the country’s history. Plantations grew up in various areas, including Fatsa, Karadere, Trabzon, and the Georgian border. A factory was built in Rize in 1947. Today, many of the plantations are located along the eastern Black Sea region.

  • The Hürrilet tea is produced from fresh leaves that are cut and rolled.
  • When the leaves are rolled, the cell extract of the withered leaf spreads on the surface of the rolled leaf.
  • Water content is then reduced by 50-55% in special baths.
  • Depending on your taste, the tea can be light, medium, or dark.
  • Normally, it is served in a tea cup with a rim to protect your fingers.
  • You can find this drink in the local market, and you can even order it online.


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