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My Hero Academia Season 6 Review 2022

My Hero Academia Season 6

my hero academia season 6 is an anime series produced by Bones. It is directed by Masahiro Mukai and follows the story of the original manga series. There are several characters in this anime that have their own individual personalities. Here are some of them: Nomu, Endavor, and Dr. Ujiko. This anime is set in a futuristic world and follows the story of a school that teaches its students to become superheroes.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Preparation

My hero academia season 6 are preparing for their next confrontation against the Paranormal Liberation Front. They have done all they can to prepare and they are ready to attack at any time. Seeing the two factions go toe-to-toe is sure to be thrilling for fans. And we may see some big names join in on the action as well.

Sixth Season and The Anime Team

My Hero Academia is now in its sixth season and the anime team has been working hard to finish it. It’s important for fans to keep an eye out for the OVAs that are coming up. This season’s first OVA is called “Endavor.” Here’s what to expect from Endeavor in season 6.

Attack on The Paranormal Liberation Front

After two months of surveillance, the Heroes launch an attack on the Paranormal Liberation Front. They gather Pros and students and divide them into two teams. The first team is Team Endeavor and it is composed of Endeavor, Eraserhead, and Present Mic. It plans to capture Kyudai Garaki.

Feature the Battle

The next season of my hero academia season 6 follows a storyline that will include a major conflict between the warring factions. The season will cover the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc, which will feature the battle between the Hero Association and the Paranormal Liberation Front. It will be a tense battle with plenty of drama.

Dr. Ujiko

The second episode of the new season starts with the villain Endeavor confronting Dr. Ujiko at the hospital. She tries to run away but is restrained by her “Erasure Quirk,” which makes her body decrypt faster than normal. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Mirko warns Endeavor about the Nomu hoard. The villain then breaks into the laboratory and crushes Johnny. He also destroys several canisters.

Paranormal Liberation Front

In this episode, the heroes are divided into two teams. The first team confronts the villain and a spy. The other team confronts Dr. Ujiko. The second team then interacts with the body double of Dr. Ujiko, which is a shady character. In addition, Dr. Ujiko is also part of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Introduced New Characters

My Hero Academia Season 6 premiered on April 11. The episode was titled “A Quiet Beginning.” In Season 5, the show introduced new characters like Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki. It also featured the League of Villains and the Metahuman Liberation Army.

Based on A Manga Series

My hero academia season 6 is based on a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is an ordinary schoolboy who dreams of becoming a pro-hero. However, his life is drastically changed after a chance encounter with All Might, a superhero who has been hunting for the perfect candidate. In order to become a hero, Midoriya enrolls at the famous U.A. High School.


After All, might was defeated by the heroes, the new villains created by Dr. Garaki sought to rival All Might. In an effort to do so, the villains created the Nomu, which is an abomination with advanced behavior, speech, and stats. Nomu has multiple quirks, including bio-engineering and Shock Absorption, and has the potential to overcome All Might.

Face New Challenges

As the my hero academia season 6 ends, many of the characters in the series will have to face new challenges. For example, the new villain, Dr. Garaki, will use High-End Nomu against Mirko, which will be a tough challenge for the young hero. However, Mirko is ready to fight to the death to bring Garaki down.

Nomu Returns in Season 6

When my hero academia season 6 ends, Nomu returns in season 6 to save his people. He is accompanied by his companions, Tenya Ida and Izuku. The Pro Heroes track him with the help of the tracking device. This device will be essential for the raid on the hideout of the League of Villains.

Exciting Events

My hero academia season 6 is filled with exciting events. The Paranormal Liberation War arc will see the heroes go on the offensive against the Villains. During this arc, Mirko will encounter several Nomu, but his primary goal will be to stop Shigaraki’s operation.


Hawks is one of the most popular new-gen anime series, and fans always look forward to new episodes. In my hero academia season 6 episode, Hawks acts as a double agent to try to gain the trust of Shigraki, the leader of the liberation army. However, Hawks’ plan backfires when Shigraki is revealed to be the new leader of the liberation army. The new leader, Shigraki, has complete control of the villains and has many soldiers working for him.

Undercover Double Agent

As a result, Hawks is taken in by the corrupt government and trained to become an undercover double agent. Although he has been trained to be an undercover double agent, his optimism has not diminished and he has continued to look up to his idol, Endeavor, despite the scandal. After discovering Dabi’s public recordings, Hawks exposed Dabi’s abuse of his family and himself to protect his idol.

Play the Dangerous Game

Hawks continues to play the dangerous game of being a double agent. He continues to gather information to confront the new group, which has merged with the paranormal liberation front. This new threat threatens the superhuman civilization and could change the world around us. But will Hawks and his teammates survive?

A Larger Role in This Season

My Hero Academia Season 6 will feature several returning favorites. Mirio will receive a larger role in this season, which is important to fans, as he lost screen time due to his powers in Season 5. Bakugo, meanwhile, will undergo some character development.

Dr. Ujiko’s Ability to Copy Quirks on Others

Dr. Ujiko has become a master of the ability to copy Quirks on other people. She has the ability to copy several Quirks at once, and has even learned to copy Quirks of quirkless people. Using this skill, she can raise the threat level of villains even when they are off screen.

Copy Quirks for A Short Period of Time

The ability to copy Quirks has some limitations. First of all, it can only copy Quirks for a short period of time. Unlike AFO, copying Quirks can only be used for a short period of time. Moreover, the copied Quirks are not permanent, and cannot be used simultaneously.

Ability to Make Objects Incredibly Hard

Another quirk that Dr. Ujiko can copy on others is the ability to make objects incredibly hard. This is called Ying Zhi Hua, and it only works on non-living beings. Another quirk that she has is the ability to throw objects with great accuracy. This ability can also be used to change the trajectory of an object in mid-air. Another quirk she can copy is the ability to copy someone else’s quirks.

Common Way for People to Become Stronger

The ability to copy quirks on other people is a common way for people to become stronger, or more resilient. Quirks can also be passed down through the generations, so Dr. Ujiko’s ability to copy people’s quirks is an incredible power that will be useful for many people.


The first episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 is titled “A Quiet Beginning”. Season 5 featured Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki. In the previous season, the League of Villains fought the Metahuman Liberation Army. In Season 6, we will see a clash between the two groups.

Exciting Ending for Fans

While Deku and Shigaraki are destined to clash, other characters will also have their moments in the spotlight. This season promises to deliver an exciting ending for fans of both of these heroes. Fans of the series will be delighted to learn that the show will also feature new characters.

Season’s Opening Credits Set

My hero academia season 6 opening credits set the mood for the series and its characters. The episode’s opening credits show the locations of key characters, including the League’s mad scientist pupating Shigaraki 2.0. The show then shows UA students evacuating the city, while the League of Villains storm the UA headquarters.

War Against the Paranormal Liberation Front

Dabi will be a pivotal character in this season. He will be playing a key role in the Paranormal Liberation War arc and will reveal his true lineage. In addition, he will face Dabi in combat, but this does not end well for him. The war is also expected to feature Endeavor as the Number One Hero in Japan. He will be expected to lead the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Complex Line-Up

My Hero Academia has a complex line-up, with many heroes having to question their position in the line-up. Supporting heroes complain about being stuck in the first wave of fighters while heavy hitters resent being stuck on Team Edge Shot, providing support at the rear.


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