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Ramco Concentrix Offers a Cloud-Based Solutions for Business

Ramco Concentrix

Ramco Concentrix is a company that offers a variety of solutions for business. They include everything from payroll organization to mobile hubs and facial recognition knowledge.

Ramco Concentrix Log In

One of the best ways to stay connected to the office is by using cloud-based software such as ramco concentrix Enterprise Series. It combines the tasks of a payroll platform with financial services, employee administration and supervision, expense tracking, travel, and asset running into one user-friendly package. Moreover, a number of innovative technology-enabled time and attendance tracking applications are available. Hence, it makes sense to utilize a software suite like this to boost productivity and competence. Luckily, there are plenty of companies out there that can provide such a service. Whether you’re a experienced business professional or an eager first-timer, you should be able to find a partner with the right skills and properties.

  • The most exciting aspect of utilizing cloud-based solutions is that you will be able to access them from anyplace, any time, and on any device.
  • The mobile versions of the programs remain especially positive for fieldworkers, as they allow them to complete a plethora of tasks from wherever they are.
  • Furthermore, with Ramco concentrix enterprise-level solutions, you will not only have a healthy suite of features to choose from, but you will also have access to an impressive array of add-ons such as virtual discussions, video conferencing, and social networking tools.
  • Lastly, you can take advantage of the company’s cloud-based customer support to get support with technical questions.
  • This is particularly helpful if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have the time to waste scheduled unanswered emails and e-tickets.

Consulting Separation

In addition to the cloud-based software, you can also leverage the services of Ramco concentrix professional consulting division. These specialists can help you decide what features you should arrange based on the needs of your business. They can also provide recommendations on which software solutions are best for your specific situation. Ramco concentrix has been around for 25 years and is now a leading contributor of payroll & HR management solutions. The company brags a suite of products, including Hub It, ZERO UI and Prompt IT. They also have a large footprint in over 100 countries. This makes them an understandable choice for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve competence.

Benefit Organization

Ramco concentrix cloud-based Global Payroll solution is a good fit for medium to large businesses looking to automate their payroll processes. In addition to time trailing and direct deposit, it includes benefit management vacation tracking and wage garnishment. Plus, it offers a self-service solution that lets users manage their own payrolls over email. On top of that, the company also provides a managed service solution. The company also offers a platform-based solution that can be custom-made to meet your business needs. It also has a number of clever features, such as a built-in chatbot and a gamification system for employees. Moreover, its reorganized interface allows for a effortless experience even at low bandwidths.

Payroll Transformation Program

As part of the company’s Payroll Transformation Program, Phase I is live in five countries, while Phase II is scheduled to launch in the coming months. With a unified system in place, SCB can now centralize its operations in 19 countries. And, with the new technology, the company has already saved millions of dollars in operating costs. However, it may not be as revolutionary as the gizmo mentioned in the headline, Ramco concentrix Global Payroll Management Solution is certainly the best way to streamline and simplify your company’s payroll process. Moreover, it is compatible with most of your existing business applications. By adopting it, you can make sure your payroll is always compliant.

Attendance tracking

A recent addition to the Ramco concentrix Innovation Lab is an attendance tracking system that utilizes facial recognition technology and thermal imaging. This software solution can be used to track staff members, visitors, and people at high temperatures. It can also be linked to IoT sensor-powered doors. Ramco concentrix is a global enterprise software provider that offers a wide range of time & attendance and payroll management applications.

  • The company’s solutions help businesses automate time and attendance, expense management, asset management, and employee movements and exits.
  • Period and attendance systems ensure compliance with labor regulations, reduce overpayments, and eliminate transcription errors.
  • Time and attendance systems have eliminated the need for manual input of employees’ working hours.
  • They also ensure that employees do not overstay their time.

Webinar Training and Online Training

Ramco concentrix provides L1 and L2 support, webinar training, and online training. Its mobile hubs for Android and iOS are available for free download. Some of its other features include mobile devices, travel management, and asset management. Ramco concentrix is a fast-growing player in the cloud enterprise software space. Its products include Ramco HCM, Ramco ERP on Cloud, and Ramco concentrix Unify. These products have been recognized by CIO Choice and Human Resources Group.

Innovative Technology-Based Time & Attendance

Ramco concentrix innovative technology-based time & attendance applications are designed to help businesses manage the work schedules of their employees. With a streamlined HR strategy, organizations can improve productivity and increase business performance. For a free demo of Ramco concentrix software, click here. Ramco concentrix innovative facial recognition technology eliminates the need for logins and ID cards. Employees can register their attendance by simply touching or swiping their faces. Additionally, the company offers a facial-recognition-based workforce management application. Ramco concentrix solutions are designed to help organizations manage their global workforce and travel.

Facial Recognition Technology

Ramco Systems has announced a new facial recognition-based time and attendance system. This technology eliminates the need for ID cards and logins. It also helps to track employees’ movements and health. The system is designed to help organizations move towards touchless workplace access. Using thermal imaging device and software, the facial recognition system allows employees to register their attendance.

  • The system can also automatically apply leave-of-absence based on the results of temperature readings.
  • If the temperature is higher than normal, the individual will be denied access.
  • Other features include real-time monitoring, automatic logging and a 24×7 monitoring function.
  • The facial recognition technology is a part of a larger platform, which monitors the use of mobile phones and shoulder surfing, and automatically identifies staff members.
  • This can be deployed on-premise or as a managed service.


Using Concentrix’s Catalyst proof of concept, the solution provides close to 100 percent accuracy and lowers image handling costs. The solution also reduces the complexity of facial recognition. Lastly, the system can be used in small, low-power IoT devices. Expression recognition presents a wide range of business occasions. There are many applications in which it can be used, from verification to surveillance to fraud. However, facial recognition is a complex technology, which requires large amounts of computing power, as well as time and money. Facial recognition is also defenseless to errors, as small changes can affect its recognition performance.

Adequate Resources

As a result, companies need to make sure they have acceptable resources available to ensure the system is up and running at all times. And in the case of a virus plague, the ability to track facial recognition data could prove invaluable. Whether you are looking for a facial recognition-based attendance system, or you simply want to discover more options, Ramco concentrix offers a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions to meet your needs.

Ramco Concentrix Mobile Hub for The Enterprise

The Ramco concentrix Concentrix mobile hub is the ne plus ultra of enterprise level telephony and conferencing explanations. The company also has a fair bit of energy in the software department. In fact, you’ll probably be hard forced to find someone who hasn’t skilled first-hand the benefits of its modernized network. To get you up and running in no time, the company has a well laid out plan of action. They’ll help your device a fully customized solution to meet your unique business needs. From custom branded software to a dedicated tech support team, Ramco concentrix is ready to deliver. This means you’ll partake access to the newest technology on the block and the latest applications available in the market.


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